• An absolutely terrified hero…
  • Ability to save some random lost people
  • Goal system for infinte fun!
  • Powerups!
  • For some reason, this haunted grounds ar different each time.
  • Insane amount of unlockable characters
  • Unexplicably angry giant bosses
  • Explosions!
  • Coin collection for some random spending
  • Incredible amount of strange characters without any concern for the physical integrity of our hero
  • Escape escape escape

What people are saying

" It’s terribly unfare, they won’t give us any powerups "

Monsters Against Heroes

" It needs random lootboxes"

No one ever

"Most fun I had in ages"

The Mummy in the shower

"It’s so blocky!"

A guy with a pickaxe

"01000110 01110101 01101110 00100000 01100111 01100001 01101101 01100101 00100001"

Some AI

"Insert funny comment here"

L2D Games WebDev

Availabel for windows!

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