An intergalactic space clicker adventure
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The Game

We present Starship Heroes a simple Retro Space Adventure Clicker Game. This is a highly addictive game!!! Click on the screen as fast as you can to shoot and destroy the enemies. It's perfect for Casual Play, and it's fun for all ages. If you like adventure clickers, this game is definetely for you!


  • Nice retro pixel graphics.
  • More than 30 Heroes to hire.
  • More than 20 special artifacts to unlock.
  • Player customization.
  • Tons of enemies to kill.
  • Lots of Stages to play.
  • Cool sound effects.
  • Tons of Locked Items.
  • Google Play achievements to collect for hours of fun.
  • Compare your scores with your friends and the whole world via Google Play leaderboards.
  • Cloud Save for your Games.
  • Rewarded video ads.

Get the Game

You can download Spaceship Heroes for free on this markets.